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Phixr: edit your images online!

PhixrSome days ago we told you about Snipshot and you were fascinated... Well, just wait until you find out about Phixr... You will be eager to publish your pictures in your website.

Editando con PhixrJust like Snipshot, Phixris an online photo editor which allows you to modify the photos you want to upload in your website without requiring a license from ACDSee, Photoshop or any other software.

Compared to Snipshot, the first time you access Phixr you can feel a bit frustrated (here you are again having to open yet another profile with a user ID and a password), but we have come across a couple of features that make it a rather interesting tool.

  • You can select a picture from your Flickr, Photobucket, or Picasa account and upload it directly onto the Phixr server. If you don’t have an account on these sites, you can carry on uploading images from your hard drive or pick them from another website, as usual.
  • Editing options: resize, rotate, turn, crop, change the colours, invert colours to negative or sepia tones, adjust brightness etc.
  • Effects: add text bubbles, zoom in and out, apply special effects (spiral, shadow, emboss, funnel), mix pictures...
  • Options that are easy to learn for beginner users of photo editors
  • And for those who find it difficult to overcome language barriers... Phixr is available in Spanish
In a nutshell: if you don’t have much time and want to apply just a couple of technical touches to your images, stick with Snipshot. . But if you are a real digital talent, try Phixr. You´ll love it.

Translation by Elena Robles
on 03/06/2007
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