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Social Source Common is a space for sharing your organisation’s tools and software, gaining knowledge and supporting and discovering new tricks on the Internet. It’s also a place for making contacts with people with similar interests to your own. In short, through SSC you will answer the question, what tools do you use?

Many people have worked hard in order to visualise, create and broadcast Social Source Commons (SSC). So many, that no list exists that could do justice to the vast knowledge and talent networks involved in realising the project. This portal has been created with the ultimate goal of creating a map of the software used by NGOs and NPOs in order to achieve a collective experience of that software.

The SSC aims to give those who need it an overview of the specific software available for NPOs and NGOs, linking each of the items to relevant information educating about localisation tools, events, user recommendations, contact information for requesting software and details on its applications.

In short, the creators idea is to be the catalyst for a shared network of resources and contributions rather than merely a simple website or database.

In order to let others know about the tools you are using, register and declare yourself as an Ab•core user!

Example of Ab•core, one of the platforms listed in

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Translation by Henry Barfoot-Saunt
on 28/06/2007
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