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The takeaway office.

Can you imagine all Office applications you use everyday on line? You could keep up an organizer, create a slide show, work with Excel or write a Word document on line. It exists. Just keep on reading.

It exists and it's called Zoho. Besides the classic spreadsheet, word processor and presentation tools, also includes web conferencing, a planner, a project manager, a database, a wiki manager, chat, e-mail and even a CRM application. It is also really easy to use.

You just need to sign up and it's all done. On your account you will find a menu with all the possibilities:

Zoho Sheet         Online spreadsheet service
Zoho Meeting     Meeting - Web Conferencing
Zoho Show         Online project manager
Zoho Writer         Online word processor
Note Book           Online Note Taker
Zoho Creator      Online web applications creator
Zoho Planner     Online organizing tool
Zoho Chat           Instant messaging and group chat tool
Zoho Wiki            Online  Wiki with public, private & group permissions

To make it even easier some of the applications provide an explanatory video. Just have in mind that some of the tools like the project manager and the CRM are free up to a point where you will have to pay an upgrade or on a project basis.

Translation by Belén Abad
on 19/09/2007
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