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We are always keeping you up to date on tools which can improve your files on line. We have recommended various photo alternatives to you and today we present Picnik.

Picnik offers a pretty versatile online image editor which includes most of the basic functions: re-dimensioning, eliminating red eye, brightness tools, contrast, colour saturation and temperature and definition. Using Flash, Picnik is rapid, lets you store photos and is compatible with the most popular services for sharing images eg Flickr, Picassa or Facebook itself. One advantage is the series of effects which it lets you apply to the photograph, such as a touch of lomography (see sample photograph), adding a frame, or giving the classic black and white or sepia look.

According to the people who have used it a lot, it is when it is used with the Firefox extension that Picnik shows its real potential: right click and you are already editing the image, two clicks, re-dimensioning, re-touching and down-loading or saving it in the above-mentioned services. It also lets you capture pages as images and apply the same treatment to them (although not to your own, through being Flash, ironically).

Subscribing is very simple: your email address, a password and there you are editing your happy memories!

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Translation by Christopher Carver
on 17/09/2007
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