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IntInternet also helps us print books

Following our book contest, we discovered a tool that allows you to publish books on line. If you have a study, essay, novel, or work of any other genre and you are interested in publishing it as a book, get to know BUBOK.

It is not easy to have a book published by a major publisher, surely the dream of all writers. In April, we convoked our International Book Day Contest and offered to print five copies as a prize However, thanks to the internet, we discovered a tool that in addition to printing allows the writer to be the owner of his work and to market it over the internet. In bubok, the writer uploads his book, designs it according to his preferences, adds printing details; summing up, he leaves it as he or she has always wished to see it.

The only condition for uploading the book is to have it in PDF. To better understand the process, you must consult the video that appears on this link. Once the book is designed, the author puts a price on it and on a PDF version from which he will obtain a profit. The author is also creating his own space to which he can add new works he uploads, and he can write his biography.

This space becomes his shopwindow for his readers and other Bubok participants.

The winner of our contest can be found in Bubok

The best example of the tool is Ronald Florián Castillo, winner of the International Book Day contest with "El Príncipe Esqueivo". He used Bubok and we can now find his book published and ready for sale.

Remember that converting a Word document to PDF is very easy. We have discussed the subject in previous Bocatics.

We would also like to remind you of dopdf..

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Translation by Marsha Wilkie
on 10/06/2008
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