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Edit your videos on the Internet: the first step towards your video blog

Recently, we have been telling you how useful the video blog is as a marketing tool for your NGO, on the internet. Now, we offer you the tools in order to create your own movies without having to buy a programme.

Maybe you have already taken the camera and shot some photos. Now, you only need editing tools which we offer you online to edit your works of art. In fact, many websites let you edit videos online through applications created with Flash Video format. It is a good option for all who want to learn about video blogs world. The Flash Video format is used in an infinite number of websites, from blogs to news media, and also it is possible to edit the videos on the Internet.

In this way, you can edit your videos and your computer doesn’t need to be high powered as servers of the websites are the ones that do the job. You will only use the browser’s plug-ins that let you download Flash Video in order to get your work edited.

Once the video is already edited, use one of the browser’s extensions to download Flash Video as to obtain your video and be able to upload it later to the service desired, like for example Alternative Channel, with the aim of sharing the video. However, it has to be taken into account that these video editors on the web have less tools that the software you install in the computers, but they do help for a first approach into video blogs.


Jaycut is a service created in Sweden and translated into Spanish. It uses Flash technology; you can upload not only videos but also music or photos in any of the most popular formats. The edition is similar to the one of the setup versions of these types of programmes, where the user is guided by a time bar, divided in different video and sound tracks that indicate when each sequence exactly enters.

The user can drag and drop each of the files that have been previously uploaded in any place of the bar. In Jaycut, you can personalize your video with different effects as a kind of addition.

Once you conclude the editing, you can set your video to be private, shared with family members or publicly accessible on the site, and define it within a specific social group. The essential difference of Jaycut with other programmes is that you can download the video as a Windows Media Video file, in low and high quality version.


Jumpcut is a service acquired by Yahoo!. By filling a form, you can upload the different types of admitted content (video, photos, sound).

Remixer, the Youtube editor.

Youtube also has its own editor named Remixer, and it is based on Adobe Premier Express technology, as it happens with and sites, that also have the technology based on Flash.

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Translation by Samanta Martinenghi
on 09/06/2008
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