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Publicize your Events! Here's a good way.

We've spoken about twitter and how you can use it to create websites to publicize your cause. Now twitter offers a tool to create events and promote them among your followers. It's really easy. Read on..

It's called Twitzu. It's a page specially designed for creating and publicizing events through our Twitter account.

To announce the new event you need basic data such as your Twitter user name, your password, title of the event, place, description, date, time, address, and if you want to add a message, you can include too.

When you fill in all this information, your event is sent to all your followers, saving you a lot of time and effort in sending it out to your contacts one by one.

Then, in the main Twitzu page you can see other recently created events, along with the photos or Avatars of the persons who made them. So, in no time at all you publicize your events and find out about others. Let's put it into practice!

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Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 18/06/2008
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