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An internet browser for autistic children

Get to know the tool, but also the story behind this browser especially designed for autistic children to work quietly and efficiently in front of a computer on the internet. John LeSieur, an IT programmer who lives in Las Vegas (USA), thought that surfing the Net could help in the rehabilitation of his 6-year-old autistic grandson, Zachary.

However, he quickly got discouraged when he realised that the great amount of colours, advertising banners and bright contents of the Net confused little Zac even more.

Therefore, he decided to create his own browser, especially designed for children with autism. He named the browser ZAC (zone for autistic children), after his grandson, and it is available in English and absolutely free at,  for whoever needs it.

Everybody, but especially autistic children, can benefit from this program that blocks any violent and offensive content and prioritises education. LeSieur believes that this way anybody can take advantage of the educational and communicational opportunities offered by the internet, which are especially beneficial for people with cognitive difficulties, excluding all internet sites which offer violent, sexual or inappropriate content for children.

Some of the very important characteristics of ZAC browser are, for instance, the disabling of certain commands, such as the one allowing to print the content of the screen, or the right mouse button functions. All this in order to exclude functions that most children don’t need and to reduce the probability that an autistic child loses self-confidence after pressing the wrong button. Whilst using ZAC browser, children use larger and simplified icons and pages are especially configured to block commercial adverts or any other distraction. On this browser, children can also enjoy educational games, music, videos and visually fun images.  


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Giacomo Calvo
Translation by Beatriz Camps
on 00/00/0000
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