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Get a legal software for free!

If you are non-profit organization you can apply for a legal software or even hardware. For free!

TechSoup is the philanthropy organization and at the same time the program for distributing donated technology (products, knowledge and services) targeted to the non-profit community. They cooperate with 28 major technology providers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco Systems and Symantec to offer essential product donations to NGOs worldwide.

First of all they provide software (over 350 products), but in their offer you can also find hardware (such as refurbished computers; e.g. RCI program) and Cisco servers. Soon to come are copiers from IKON, Office Products and some web-based services. You can take a look at the complete list here.

NGOs from USA and Canada can apply for that through TechSoup Stock.

For organizations from other countries there is a program called Tech Soup Global. It gathers in-countries partners of TechSoup, that provide technology to the local NGOs.

At this time TechSoup Global works in 16 countries and they are expanding rapidly (40 countries targeted by 2010).

To get the technology, first check if TSG works in your country. If yes – contact the appropriate organization. You will be asked to send some documents (confirming your non-profit status) and after that the only thing to do is to order chosen products and wait for deliver.

The software and hardware are passing on completely for free (donated), the only thing you have to pay is administrative fee (to cover the cost of administering the donation program). These are small amounts of money, more or less just 6% of the product’s market price.

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