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End of the year…time to clean up our email accounts

If you use Abcore web mail you should be aware that even if you delete your emails you also need to empty the Trash to make them disappear forever. In the times of assessments, cleanings and making new resolutions, pay attention to the following recommendation.

It works the same like your home cleaning – first you throw things to a wastebasket and then you throw it all to a container.

So it’s not enough to delete unnecessaries emails from the Inbox - you have to go then to your Trash Box and make it empty to delete the emails permanently.

Many users who work with IMAP or WebMail think that simple deleting emails from the Inbox is enough. But then readed or unnecessaries emails accumulate in Trash and take a lot of space. Not empty the trash means to occupy thousands of megabytes in the server For that reason – clean up your emails! New Year, new email account.. Empty your Trash!

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Translation by Tomasz Czech
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