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Now socialize as a blogger too

It has become natural to have an account in facebook or in any of the hundreds of social networks available in the internet. Through them we, as individuals, create societies united by certain features in common. Scoutle allows you to socialize in the network too but this time as a blogger.

Scoutle unites within a social network those people who have their own blogs, puts them in contact and once they have registered themselves providing the necessary data it includes within their own site a graphic component that links it with other blogs which contain common issues. In this way blogs will gain visitors automatically, users won’t need to do anything.

Besides, Scoutle allows PagePark, the recognition of different spaces thanks to the feedback they will receive and a dynamic guide to get to different sites depending on the issues they include.Scoutle’s idea is similar to Spanish Alianzo’s: gather together all bloggers so that they get to know each other. The image below shows the look of the Scout, with profiles of other blogs’ authors and general guidelines. What makes it so interesting is that it sets up the network itself, users do not decide their contacts, the application recommends them.

Translation by Raquel
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