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Google Earth 5 gives non-profits new possibilities

Google just released the newest version of Google Earth. It gives NGOs new tools to reach out to the word to promote their causes and addressing global environmental challenges.

After established Google Foundation and philanthropy that help non-profits fighting with poverty, climate change and emerging disease, starting Google Earth Outreach to make global issues easily visible on the world map and running Google Checkout to support NGOs getting online donations, Google made new Earth more useful and helpful for non-profits.

New features allows you making and adding to maps videos informing about your case or promoting your events (Narrated Guided Tour) and enable preparing virtual time travel that show environmental changes – like desertification of Chad Lake or glaciers melting in Glacier National Park in Montana (Historical Imagery mode). Non-profits focused on environment of seas and oceans surely appreciate the possibility to explore world oceans with the experts from National Geographic or BBC and learning about ocean observations, climate change, and endangered species.

What’s more, from your website you can link to all these movies, presentation, events or information contained in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Here you can find detailed description of new features and download newest Earth version. beneficiaries, like - XTC Working Group of the Marine Custody, the organization focused on development of the marine environment, or Irukandji Aquatik Films, that makes all kinds of movies connected with seas and oceans, will certainly find this new “ocean tool” helpful.

Our other beneficiary Jane Goodall - well-known for her 45-year study of chimpanzee behaviors - is deeply involved in Google Earth Outreach program. Thanks to her geoblog you can not only read, but also see the place where she is doing her researches in Tanzania.

All organizations participating in Ab·core program have the ability to create Google maps with geolocation of its stakeholders and the events published on its website.

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