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On-line text to understand Internet Published in Brasil

A book has just been published and it is 100% on line, available in PDF format on a site for Brazilian readers with a forum to discuss issues of common interest. Entitled ‘Understand Internet – ideas, practices and communication challenges on line”, the book is written by 38 Brazilian authors, expert on diverse fields.

Although it is written for people who are not very used to the web, the texts go further from simple explanations and standard topics to teach and provoke, the authors have knowledge enough to do it: Edney Souza or Interney, one of the most famous bloggers in Brazil writes about blogs, Soninha Francine, adviser, currently civil governor assistant in Sao Paulo, writes about Internet and the electoral regulation. Fabio Seixas, one of the most popular brazilians in Twitter, writes about micro blogging. Sergio Amadeu, combative activist for free software, writes about on line hacking. Ronaldo Lemos, one of the most popular Brazilians and internationally known, explains what Creative Commons is, and so on.

Many people still have the feeling that the revolution developed by the web is a party to which they have not been invited, many public and private school teachers, business men, journalists, public administrative staff and a great deal of civil society cannot understand such euphoria caused by internet . This book intends to be an invitation to the party for them.

The point is to try to reach those people, not with the traditional broadcast media but by using the web, and that is why the PDF file weights less than 1000k (so that it can be sent by mail) and that is why it has been released not in a physical place but on line, in Twitter. Last 17th of March at 18.00h –Brazilian time- the link was uploaded in Twitter to have access to the site and download the book. All its authors were invited to the event.

PD. During the event, they put an issue on the table: this book is meant to prove that it is much easier to produce useful books collectively in short terms by using the web.

Read the book on line in Portuguese.

Download the book in Portuguese. tis working on the Spanish version that will be soon available.

Translation by Raquel Pulgar
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