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Using online tools : why does it work?

Nowadays, you don't need to transfer your files from a computer to an other anymore in order to work. Using tools online allows you to have your documents wherever you wish.

Google first developed its application online such as text editor or worksheet. With your gmail address you can modify and share documents.

Nowadays, you can also create your presentation online. Inspired by Keynote from Apple, 280 North created a tool called 280 Slides. Once registrered  you're enabled to set up and edit presentations. Different options are given such as adding videos or pictures. It is also possible to use advanced features like importing or exporting Power Point documents,consequently your data is always portable.

You can edit presentations quickly and you don't have to know much about editing because 280 slides is really intuitive.

Using online tools is very simple and useful. While you are working, your colleagues can add modifications to the documents. You no longer need to send copies. Furthermore, it's free and the result is as great as a payed service. It's a real saving of money for your organization.
Online tools definitively work because they offer a lot of possibilities. So you work faster and better.This way you can improve your communication easily.

Currently Microsoft is preparing a new version of Windows 7 including a service "in the clouds". In other words, Word, Excel, Power point are accessible online for free. This change shows the willingness of Microsoft to be updated and to follow the web's evolutions.

Of course an Internet connection is requested and web cuts are not avoidable! That's the only disadvantage!

Margot Berg
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