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An organization that has a web site can't deal without having a newsletter. It's like a mosquito bit to remember your readers that you are existing and still on the market with new projects. In order to be read and not only deleted instantaneously, some advices to make it amazing.

Target your readers
You have an international association that has projects in several languages and countries? Think that your readers won't be necessarily interested by regional distinctive identities.
Use statistics and introduce most read articles in your newsletter. Don't hesitate to adjust each newsletter.

Consider your opening rate
Send your newsletter during the day, rushing times are the best: 8 am, 2 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm. People are more likely to read it: your message will be more short-listed then if it was sent during the night. It won't be considered as a SPAM or an advertising.

Insert your navigation tool as a top menu
Put your menu helps the users to recognize the organization and to know what they are reading. Moreover, if they can click on it, they will discover other parts of the webpage.

Give a name to your sender
In order your newsletter not to be considered as a SPAM, give a efficient name to the sender. For example,'s newsletters are titled: Newsletter or for Ab•core's ones: Newsletter Ab•core. You give your identity, people know who you are and moreover, you save character from the title.

Give a purpose as a title
In a webmail, you can see around 70 characters for the mail's object. So you have half of a Twitter post to convince your readers to open it. It's useless to put words such as "featured in our September issue" or "breaking news". If you have a particular purpose, sum up it as a title. If not, choose several words representing different sections: "Online formation and photo contest". Be understable, that's the point!

Having an attractive newsletter is giving a chance to improve your communication thanks to different means.

Margot Berg
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