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Browser shots : test your webpage with different browsers

Quite often, you have bad surprises while opening your website in other browsers. To avoid it, it's better to test it in different browsers and operating systems. Indeed, a page doesn't react the same and its design can change and give you unlikely results! Nowadays, there is an online and open-source tool to test your page before publishing it: Browser Shots.

Browser shots is a online service and a open-source program that you can also download.

it is useful to test web design in different browsers. There are more then 80 set-up (operating systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows and various browsers: Firefox, IE, Opera, Seamonkey, Camino). It is possible to define the parameters of the screen, colors, Javascript programming, Java, Flash use… With all these options, you can have an interesting and accurate result.

Moreover, it is very easy to use. Just submit your web address and select the browsers. Wait about 30 minutes to have all the results. Requests are sent to a volunteer community, testing the website on 130 computers. They do screencasts with the result and send them back to the database. You can compare the screencasts and adjust the rapport. It's also possible to download the shots to have archives.

Of course, Browser Shots won't solve your rapport problems but you will be warned!

Margot Berg
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