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GONG a new tool for NGO's organization and management

Due to the Open Source Software International Day, recures on web management systems for NGOs and moreover about GONG, a new tool.

Created by CENATIC, GONG wants to be easy and useful. It eases staff's management and informative process. You can organize, classify, promote and save contents you find on the web. To use it, you just have to logg in.

For more than a year and a half, NGO's in partenership with computing companies develop an open-source software with one target: ease NGO's management.

Most of the time, NGO's don't have a budget to improve well their communication. Hence, their preoccupation to find cheap tools to help them.

GONG was made for NGO's in particular to help them to stick with international conventions. Moreover, the software fits in several environment: for example, it's possible to keep working while there is no Internet access.

Already online, you can download the English version on the CENATIC website.

Margot Berg
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