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Create animated banners

Giving a bit of dynamism for your webpage is possible with Bannersnack. From this website, you can create animated banners with a bit of imagination and no programming.

The point is to create a Flash animation starting from dispersing the movement through several slides. A bit like a Power Point presentation but with a shorter changeover.

Just go to Register yourself for free and let your imagination go free. On each slide, choose an image or a template, write some text and edit it. You can choose between different fonts, make some impressions between changeovers. Then, create a new slide and determine the transition periods.

Once, your animation ready, you can save in your projects library, share it with other users or publish it on your website.

The free registration doesn't give the right to access to all editing options and you have a watermark on your animation. You can subscribe for US$9 per month or US$100 per year. In addition to a whole access to editing options, you can save your animation as a SWF (Flash) and have only one slide with the whole animation.

Depending on the original size, you can also use this tool to do presentations such as with Slides280.

Bannersnack is an online tool, intuitive and ready-to-use that gives your website a professional tone!

Margot Berg
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