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Create your Facebook fan page

Nowadays, using social networks to spread activities of an organization is becoming increasingly common. Facebook, with more than 400 millions users worldwide is a good way to reach public.

On Facebook, an organization can not have a public profile, only restricted to individuals. Hence, the creation of a fan page.

Let's see the basic steps needed to carry it out.

- Once you are logged into your Facebook session, go to the fan page, for example, and at the bottom of the page on the left, click on "create a page for my business".
- Choose the type of page you are running: for NGOs, it would be "brand, product or organization" and then "non-profit".
- Give a name to the page, the best is to take directly your name's organization, it will be better referenced and listed.
- Accept the terms of use.
- You have created your page, now you have to fill in it and invite fans.
- Load the logo of your organization. Click on the question mark and change the image.
- Then, complete the profile settings: put the address of your website, explain your main objectives and missions in which your participate.
- Before inviting friends, publish some content to increase the reading on the page and to create a relation with your website. To do it, in the central framework (as in your user profile), write a title and add the link to the article by clicking the first icons to the left. Once ready, click on publish.
- Your page is ready, invite fans starting from your network. Under the profile picture, you have a link "suggest the page to friends".
- Your friends list appears, choose the ones you want to invite and send the invitations.
- To edit the preferences, click "edit" under the profile picture and update the settings.

Remember to publish news often, be close to your fans, take into account the comments, in a few words, be active!

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Margot Berg
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