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Causes Application for Facebook

Causes is the Facebook Platform that provides the tools so that any Facebook user can rise money for a cause he supports.

Causes is the world's largest online platform for activism with 140 million installed users and $30 million raised for nonprofits. The platform enables users to create groups that take action on a social issue or support a specific non-profit organization.

Who can receive donations?

In order to fundraise, a cause must identify a registered nonprofit in the United States or Canada.
If you want to support an NGO which is from the other country, you can still do it through Causes, by including a link to the direct website of the organization you want to support in the description or media board of your cause and encourage people to donate directly.

How to do it?

Create a cause
In order to create a cause, first go to the Causes homepage. You can then enter your cause's mission, its positions, and add a beneficiary (a US or Canadian nonprofit where you want your donations to go) if you'd like.
You can also start by selecting a nonprofit.

Make a Birthday Wishes

The Birthday and Holiday Wishes tool allows any Facebook user to create a fundraising page that asks their friends to donate to the cause of their choice as a birthday present. A user have to choose a nonprofit, set the desired donation amount & overall goal, and then invite friends and family to support the wish.
Causes provides the user with promotional tools including emails to friends, Facebook News Feed posts and Facebook status message updates. The feature is designed to make charitable giving more personal and give users an easy way to ask for charitable donations for their birthdays.

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