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Facebook: New Resources Centre for Non Profits

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet. With over 500 million members in about 7 years, it would easily be considered the third largest country in the world, even ahead of the United States!

If you use a computer, then likely you have a facebook, or know many people who do. It is a mutual social center for people of many different countries, religions, and backgrounds all able to connect with one another instantly, with no borders. For NGOs and non-profit organizations, what is there not to like? For these organizations, Facebook might just be one of your best friends.

Facebook has a web page resource center specifically designed for non-profit organizations and NGOs. This Facebook page gives non-profit organizations many options and resources to create their own Facebook page, add applications, places, events, groups, and many more ways to help create awareness for the organization and its cause. This page, gives detailed information on the different applications and other resources that Facebook has that non-profits can benefit from. These apps allow fans and visitors to easily find out important dates, events, and projects that the NGO is working on. There are also many other tools that are inclusive and intriguing for page visitors to keep their attention and check out the page, such as polls, questionaires, slide shows and more.

With Facebook as a form of social media and communication, and NGOs as a supporter of social global issues, the combination of the two can be quite impressive. This non-profit page and pages similar to this,, helps NGOs improve their Facebook pages so that they can gain more fans and followers, thus increasing their network of communication and easily reaching out to the masses. For any NGO that wants to market itself or cause, fundraise, or simply wants to reach out to many people, you must check out this Facebook page!

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René Villa
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