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Communication and Identity: Why this is important to NGOs

NGOs and other non-profit organizations must reinforce and reestablish their identity as a powerful and recognizable brand. Communication is very important for non-profit organizations, between each other and to the public. Otherwise, how else would NGOs be able to differentiate themselves from each other?

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Fundación Hazloposible
and Comunidad de Madrid have done a study over the the tendencies and methods of communication for non-profit organizations for the present and projected future. Along with the Bidea cosultancy firm, they have compared results over the available resources, methods of communication, professionalism and many more. An important finding was that one of the biggest needs of an NGO is to differentiate and market its brand identity from the others. As it is today, people can barely differentiate the objectives between most NGOs. Another issue is the high demand for social media communication. Especailly as time goes on, social media is becoming a huge market for advertisement, communication, and networking. Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others are becoming the newer and more effective ways of interacting with the mass social public.

Society today is causing changes in the communicational objectives of non-profit organizations. According to Fundación and their partners in this study, within in the next 3 years, the major tasks for smaller NGOs will be to acquire experienced professional experts, while the task for larger NGOs it will be transparency, retaining experienced professionals, and acquiring more partners. The new objectives of communication is to raise funds, collaborate with other NGOs,  and to inspire social participation amongst the public. Communication is becoming the most important aspect of the NGOs and method in which they can exploit it. With the evolving new technology and social media, there will be endless possibilities for creative NGOs. See the complete research here

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