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Using Pinterest as a Platform

Pinterest is a tool that non profit organizations can use in order to reach more people, share their new activities, and stay updated on other organizations.

     Pinterest is a growing social media tool in which users create a virtual bulletin board. You can post anything of interest to this board that you find while on the internet or you can also upload your own items.

     Using this platform, your organization can share more about itself and also learn more about other organizations similar to your own. It is similar to Twitter in that you can “follow” other organizations to stay up to date on what they’re doing.

     You are able to create different boards dedicated to certain causes or subject areas within your cause. You can also do some fundraising through the website. Another benefit is that every time another user sees your pins, there will also be a link back to the original source. This will enable more people to be able to see your organization’s website.

For more information on how Pinterest will be useful to your organization, follow the link:

For examples of other non-profits that are using Pinterest, follow     


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Julie Nyce
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