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YoruFukurou Application for Twitter

YoruFukurou is an application for Twitter than allows users to manage and personalize their NGO and personal accounts a once.

If you consider yourself a Twitter addict, YoruFukurou is for you. It is an application that gives you the ability to customize multiple Twitter accounts.  It allows users to save tab searches, customize the applications toolbar, and easy access to share what you are currently listening to in iTunes or browsing in Safari.
YoruFukurou also has advanced filter buttons that allow you to filter your timeline (list of recent tweets) from tweets from a specific account or certain keywords and expressions.   
This application can help manage NGO twitter accounts. YoruFukurou allows users to manage different twitter accounts at once, so you can still utilize and differentiate your personal twitter account from your NGO twitter account. Also, YoruFukurou allows you to have twitter accounts in different languages and themes, which allows an NGO to personalize the context of their tweets to different followers.
Reviewers say that this application uses advanced technology but is also user-friendly. It is currently only available to Mac users in English and Japanese.
If you would like to learn more about this application, follow the link below.

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