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If you have something to celebrate or a challenge that you have noticed, add it to a solidarity cause and share it with your family and friends. Together you can accumulate grains of sand and improve the lives of the people who need it most.

With you can make groups donations. Helping is easy, it only takes five minutes.

1.      Choose an event to celebrate or a challenge to accomplish
   a.)     Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, dinner with friends (tell your friends not to give you presents and to donate money to the cause you have chosen instead)
   b.)     Challenge (quit smoking, lose weight) or sporting race: choose a challenge and add a bit of solidarity to it

2.      Customise your solidarity challenge and share it with your family and friends. Tell them that your challenge and your efforts can change the lives of people that need it the most. If you gather grains of sand you can multiply the help that goes to those who need it most.

Any NGO in Spain can register with and collect funds in an innovative and transparent way. The team has materials that make it easy for your NGO to encourage members, friends and businesses to raise funds for you.

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