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Adobe EchoSign helps signing your contracts easier

Adobe EchoSign is a eSignature service, 100% web-based, which don't require any scanning software, signature pads or digital certificates.

With this program, the preparation and  final acceptance of any agreement might be done in less than 10 minutes. No hardware or IT department is required.

This online signature technology accepts documents in a variety of formats and attaches. It also gives the opportunity to track, manage, share and store them. Special alerts inform about real time document status and ensure that your partner got a copy of the sign document. For the end, what is probably the most important - every transaction is protected by useful security functions which backed up your data from the moment your document is sent to the second it is signed and securely filed.



How this tool can be helpful for NGO's? is using this to sign agreements with the new partners. It is an easy solution in case of long distance relations. Every organization which collaborate with the external counterparts should find this application useful in case when both of the contraction parties are comfortable with the idea of having their agreement in the Web. This tool may reduce some budget costs and save time.

Below, some main examples of profits your team can gain.

Top 5 features of  Adobe EchoSign:

• Your effort is reduced to a simple action – you only have to know how to attached a file to an email.
• Your customers can sign it when they want, where they want - online, via fax, or on a mobile device (iPhone or Blackberry)
• You don't need any special software, signature pads or digital certificates.
• You can be sure that your documents are protected by useful, security functions.
• The program is an affordable solution. A professional account for individuals starts at $14.95/user/month. For the suspicious there is a trial version, totally for free.

You can see how easy it is to use, yourself: TUTORIAL


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