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Tips for a strong password and the importance of it

It is very important, to consider the following tips and change your existing password to a more secure one, in order to eliminate the chances of having your online account hacked.

By having a weak password, it is very easy for hackers to crack it, have access to your account, and use it (pretending it is you) to send large amounts of spams. They can also use the password to access your personal data, and destroy files in your computer.

Tips for a strong password:

• You should not include personal information such as dates, names, and complete words in general
• The password should be at least 8 characters long
• You have to use combinations of the group of characters of letters (capital and small), symbols and numbers in order to make it as complicated as possible
• You have to make sure that you change your password often

By using the above tips, you can feel confident that your account will be more secure.

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