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Online Converter - The perfect tool!

In the time when IT technology offers many kinds of programs and formats in which users can safe their work, people seek for a useful solution that will provide an opportunity to open every needed file.

We came across a very useful tool that can facilitate the way we deal with our files. Especially in the time when we are receiving a file sent in a format that our installed programs do not recognize. In that case this following website can be very helpful and may provide us with an easy solution to our problem. is giving Internet users the perfect tool to convert files into a different format. This service covers a big range of file types such as audio, video, images and document related types with the possibility to convert them into another.

To do the change user need to upload needed file on the service server and after couple of minutes it is automatically downloaded on his computer. Service provides also a possibility to leave the file for 24 hours on the server and upload it up to 10 times. After one day it is automatically remove from the memory. There is a possibility of sign up for a premium service. It allows converting files up to 1 GB and using HTTPS encryption.

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