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Google Plus knows how to keep the attention of your audience

You may think that the process of informing your audience via another social media tool (when you already do this through some other services) is a waste of time and Mission Impossible in one, but the reality looks much more simple, especially when the tool you are using is Google+.

The social media had their breakthrough couple of years ago, so you might think people are already tired of them. They are not. In fact, they are looking for new possibilities and new services. That means if you want to follow their needs you have to present your organization and your cause in other services as well.
The main two players on the field are for sure Facebook and Twitter, but also around 400 Million users have an account on Google+. Now, what is so different about this tool that you and your organization supposed to be aware of? There are at least two things because of which the service is able to keep the attention of your receivers on a good level.

Number one: Google+ have a great option of circling friends which for organizations may looks like a possibility of good audience segmentation practices. You can circle audience based on factors as: industry, location or special interests. This gives you the opportunity of addressing the message more accurately since you know their interest and needs.

Number two: The formatting on Google+ is much better that it is on Facebook. While putting your message online it is good to break up the content into smaller pieces, so the main information will reach the receiver. Google Plus gives you a whole host of formatting feature to make your updates pop. You can make a word bold, italicized or to strikethrough it. In the end you can easily present main points of your message.

Is there more?
There is one more, good profit. Google+ can help you also with a process of engaging audience. Service gives you a much easier way for ranking your post while searching terms. By putting in your post (integrated with whole content) key words, which represent your organization and your cause, you can be more visible without being too much of a keyword spammer. is using platform of Google+ for informing partners and audience about new projects, seminars, ideas from social field and many other useful cases. We are careful with circling our audience so all the people can get information they need, the one that is useful for them. We thinks it is a good practice. 

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