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Find needed help on Google Helpouts

The era of versatility that each of us suppose to prove is going hand on hand with the massive attack of open oline courses. In July 2013 Google decided to join the trend and build up a platform Helpouts to offer a space for all the online tutors for them to be visual for their audience.

The idea is simple. Users who does have some certain skills atractive for other people, can offer them for a price that reach 150$ maximum, but also can cost nothing. Up to this point on the Website you can find eight categories - from Art&Music thought Education&Careers ending with Home&Garden.

To be able of using the service, users must have Google+ account to use the app, and also be familiar with Google Wallet, because here is how all the money transactions are manage. 
The service might be helpful for either student that need some kind of tutoring, people that wants to discover some new passions but also for NGOs.

How? There are certain types of people that are using the platform as a source to offer their volunteer work. As for example in the Computer&Electronic cathegory you might find people who can help with the Software Support on your PC without any costs. The organization can also find some volunteers that can help with the language skills or careers tutorials like "How to Speak in Public" or the once that can explain "Principles of Economics: Micro & Macro".
Isn’t the knowledge the key to success? Why not taking some free time and use it for discover the areas that can make your organization grow!

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