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Who reads your tweets?

For weeks, the analysis platform Twitter, Twitter Analytics, is open to all users of the social network, which can thus know the real impact of their messages.

Accessible until now only for advertisers, celebrities and editors, now the tool works for any account in English, Spanish, French and Japanese with a minimum of 14 days life.

What does Twitter Analytics let you know?

  • The number of users who have seen your tweets (impressions)
  • The number of users who have interacted with your tweets: clicks, retweets, replies and favorites.
  • The evolution of the number of followers you have since opening the account.
  • Features of your followers: geographic location, gender, areas of interest and that accounts they follow the most.

The platform also includes a new feature, the "Cards" section, which lets you to add richer embed content (image, video) and monitoring messages with more contextual information. So, this service allows you to track the clicks more accurately, get extra information about how your web content is shared or display the statistics very graphically.

Twitter Analytics access is easy: enter the username and password from your profile in and active the platform. You can now begin to analyze your Twitter activity and improve its effectiveness!

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Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Rebeca Febrer
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