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Why are we using Twitter lists?

Creating a list on Twitter is simple. And understanding how to use it is easy as well. But can it be used as a viable means when it comes to managing our online profile?

We have written below a brief summary to tell you why we think it is a good idea to incorporate Twitter lists into your daily tweeting life. They allow you to:

  • Create a very specific list of contacts, based upon our interests and preferences.
  • Keep an eye on certain accounts without having to follow them (because, for example, you would prefer not to have them on your profile).
  • Separate accounts by subject, location, relationship etc. Basically, identify and pinpoint exactly who you want.
  • Follow up-to-date news feeds and profiles which interest you most, without having to deal with a timeline that is just flooded with information (“infoxication” or information overload).
  • Gain visibility, be influential and get an audience: all part of an online presence. 

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Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Bea Aramendia (
on 09/02/2015
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