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What trends in web design are in fashion this year?

We are only a few months into the New Year and the Internet is already (as per usual) filling up with articles and publications which indicate what the predominant trends in website design will be for 2015. 

We will now briefly summarise the main ideas we have seen online:  
  • Less text and more images: a large part of the content will be replaced with large, flashy images.
  • Full screen videos on the home page: audio-visual content to explain the main themes of the website.
  • Minimalism: the so-called flat design requires simplicity and clarity. 
  • Large fonts are combined with the use of icons.
  • Interactive web graphics: we will go a step beyond computer graphics.
  • Responsive design: users will increasingly access the Internet through mobile devices, which forces websites to adopt an adaptable and responsible design.
  • More scrolling and less clicking: as a result of the previous point, users prefer to scroll which allows them to move around the whole screen, without having to constantly click.
To summarise, simple, clear, adaptable and functional designs will be preferred. As we are already well into 2015, do you think that these predictions are coming true?

Sources: 40defiebre, graficoswebalacarta, quelinka, creativosonline.

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Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Arturo Bonetti (
on 09/04/2015
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