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Mhealth, mobile technology to improve the world of health.

HELP is a new system which uses Mhealth technology and which has been successful in countries such as Kenya.

Mobile technology not only makes our daily lives more comfortable, but it also has applications in the healthcare sector. Mhealth is an innovative system that makes available to patients and physicians mobile phone technology to make diagnoses. It is very useful when finding oneself in remote areas, where people have no access to basic healthcare.

Organisations like Amref Flying Doctors have already opted for these new technologies to bring health to everybody. In order to achieve this, they have successfully adopted a new MHealth system in Kenya called HELP, with the aim to teach staff in the field of health through SMS and voice recordings. Thus, thanks to Mhealth solutions, we are witnessing a huge change in the health sector, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the health system.

HELP has received 300 cases in its pilot phase and is expected to reach up to 3,000 in 2016. For more information about this application, please watch the following video.


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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Emanuela Ciocchetti
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