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The Splitfy crowdfunding platform, also for NGOs

This platform allows creating sponsorship spaces, where it is possible to invite friends, partners or volunteers to participate. The idea is to initiate crowdfunding campaigns for any occasion.

The Splitfy donations platform is a tool which can be used by many NGOs in order to easily receive small amounts of money. Following some simple steps, the nonprofit organization can create a crowdfunding campaign with a small description of what the money is raised for and what the desired amount is, and accompany this description with an image. Sharing this platform is very easy, since you can share your campaign through social networks, or even Whatsapp.

Splitfy is a platform which can be used for all kinds of causes, from friends’ birthday parties to dinners or even buying tickets. The currently existing categories are:

1. Crowdfunding with my friends: on occasions such as birthdays, parties, dinners, weddings, trips...

2. Crowdfunding at the work place: on occasions such as child birth, lottery, farewells, retirements...

3. Solidary crowdfunding: for animals, culture or nonprofit initiatives...

We continue with the example of the Arsis Foundation from the Raval neighborhood, which created a small campaign for purchasing a washing machine for the San Félix social canteen.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Cristina T
on 29/10/2015
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