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Teaming: 6 years, 100,000 people and 3 million euros

The crowdfunding platform based upon €1 donations, which found a supporting point among us to go online, is proposing a different, innovative and collaborative method of collective funding.   

On 13th December 2009, the inventor of Teaming, Jil van Eyle, told us that, “While this is not a reality, I only expect people to use Teaming among friends in Spain…” It has been 6 years since we had those conversations and that historic coffee with the foundation, where we decided to take our seemingly farfetched project to the Internet, hoping to fix the world by accepting individual donations of only one euro.

Teaming is an online tool that helps raise funds to finance social causes or projects through micro-donations of €1. Never in our dreams had we thought that someday, a whopping 100,000 people giving €1 for a good cause. Honestly, we could not imagined that, €1 by €1, we would become able to manage 3 million euros to help social causes.

Looking back with satisfaction today, if we had dreamed of 3 million euros we would not have succeeded. The foundation has its own team for Teaming, in which 24 people co-fund the TransparenciaONG Grants and build a community of people who help make such projects sustainable. Even though we are told the opposite, it is not the money but the people that make society move forward.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Ting Cheung, Anilu Fernandez
on 20/12/2015
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