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How can NGOs easily get products online?

Real Dreams Foundation has created the platform, a meeting point for businesses and individuals to donate a product for non-profit organisations that will receive it free of charge.

The 2.0 platform is an initiative of the Real Dreams Foundation; its objective is to find an outlet for the surplus from businesses and individuals in order to meet the needs of Third Sector organisations. The different types of products that NGOs can find for free via this platform range from furniture, office materials and computer products to electrical appliances., therefore, seeks to increase the recycling of waste, strengthen organisations that create a positive impact on society and motivate social action within businesses.

How to participate?
NGOs can see existing products and request them by explaining their need. If the product which is needed is not offered, they can also advertise their need and wait for a business or individual to meet the demand.

What can be obtained?
Products which are in good condition are obtained at no cost. Furthermore, products whose disposal would cause the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere are given a new lease of life.

How are products distributed?
There are two procedures to decide how to allocate material. In the first, the company or individual decides to which NGO they want to donate the material. In the second, the FIFO (First in/First Out) System is applied: the first organisation that asks gets it.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Rebecca
on 20/01/2016
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