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Donate Button on Facebook: Learn how to get donations from your followers

This tool is a Call to Action button that redirects the page fan to your crowdfunding website.

A key tool used by many websites is their Facebook widget, the Donate Now option, which has already been implemented by on its Facebook page. Facebook has over 1.6 billion users and thus offers a massive potential audience. Many crowdfunding websites, such as Gofundme and Kickstarter already use Facebook as a platform for donations and have been immensely successful.

How to do it?
  • Attaching your donation page to your organisation’s Facebook page is very simple.
  • Click on the “Call to Action” button and a small arrow will appear.
  • Next click “Edit Call to Action” and a window will appear.
  • In the window you will see a text box with room for a link to be included.
  • Copy and paste the URL from your crowdfunding page into that box and click “Save”.
  • Once you reload your organisation’s Facebook page and click “Donate Now”, you will be automatically redirected to your crowdfunding group from whichever website you use. has attached the widget on the top of the page next to the “Like” button, as seen below. This provides easy access for potential donors. All you need to do is click “Donate Now” and you’ll be sent to our crowdfunding page, which is located on  


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