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How NGOs make the most of technology and Internet?

The 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report are statistics that show how are non-governmental organizations using the latest technology, particularly the Internet, to connect with their target groups and donors. Read about a rapidly developing part of the Third Sector.

The 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report set out to establish how NGOs use technology across the world, understand how technology is utilized in different regions, and to establish benchmarks with which NGOs can determine how to improve their use of such technology. This report gathers its data from 2,780 NGOs from 113 countries across the world through surveys done in September and October 2015.

Web & Email Communications
  • 92% of NGOs were found to have a website
  • 46% regularly post to a blog
  • 70% use the .org domain
  • 2% use the .ngo or .ong domain

Online Donors helping NGOs
  • 62% donate online
  • 27% reference social media as the medium through which they were most inspired to donate.
  • Only 54% of Baby Boomers prefer to donate online.
  • Overall, people have become more open to donating as it is increasingly available online and the use of the internet has become the norm across the world.

Statitstics by continent
  • In Africa and Asia 76% and 79% of NGOs respectively have websites.
  • Meanwhile, this number jumps to 95% in Europe and 97% in North America.
  • The average African NGO has 2,079 email subscribers and 4,237 Facebook likes.
  • In Asia these numbers increase slightly to 9,694 and 12,372 respectively.
  • In Europe, a typical NGO has 55,861 email subscribers and 28,615 Facebook likes.

Social Media
  • 95% of NGOs wordlwide have a Facebook page.
  • 83% worldwide have a Twitter account.
  • 40% of NGOs online have Instagram.
  • 78% of Ngos agree that social media is effective for online fundraising 

While the world is certainly experiencing an increase in the usage of social media, less-developed regions are certainly lagging behind. As social networks such as Snapchat grow more and more popular, the youth of the world are also gaining new ways to follow and learn about NGOs. While it is difficult to set concrete goals for NGOs and their future use of social media, one thing is for sure, technology certainly has the ability to make a difference.

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