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Canva for Nonprofits, a graphic design tool for NGOs is joining the 4,500 nonprofit organisations already using Canva to achieve their goals and reach out to their audiences through creative content.

Nonprofit organisations have begun to realise the value of using Internet-based tools and new technologies to strengthen their digital presence and to achieve their goals. Canva is a user-friendly platform which can be used to create and design all kinds of visual content, it allows users to learn to harness their creativity. NGOs can use Canva for Nonprofits, a special version providing paid services to nonprofit organisations for discounted fees.

 Some of the advantages of using Canva are:
  • Empowering your storytellers: With simple tools, every team member can design creative content.
  • Building campaigns: Access albums with over one million images and transform your ideas into appealing visual aids for your volunteers and your donors.
  • Designing visual material for your organisation: Use templates and other tools to create stimulating material for use on social networks or to send to media outlets.

There is no additional subscription fee for NGOs. To subscribe, please complete this simple form and provide your country's relevant reference documentation to prove your organisation's nonprofit status.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Lindsay McGregor,
on 04/04/2016
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