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Are you using a safe enough password on the Internet?

To change your Abcore Cadí password, you have two options: change your e-mail password, or change the platform login password.

A good way to ensure that your password is sufficiently secure is to follow some of the advice that recommends. Some tips include:
  • Avoid using obvious passwords: refrain from using 12345, abc123, or the person's name. 
  • Convert phrases into codes: for example, the phrase “Like father, like son” could be: LFLS.
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Use a combination of upper case and lower case.
  • Use more than 8 characters.
  • Create a personalised password for each individual account. 
A good way to create a secure password is to use the Diceware method, which consists of six die faces and 7,775 words. You can find all the information on this method here.

The requirements for making passwords in Abcore Cadí take these parameters into account, thus safeguarding the privacy of users by writing passwords with upper case and lower case, a minimum of eight characters, including numbers and also some upper case letter. If these tips seem useful to you and you want to implement them on the Abcore Cadí platform, you have two options for changing your password. The first is changing your e-mail password or authorised users' email passwords. The second deals with changing your administrator account password in Abcore Cadí.

a) Changing your e-mail password: It is impossible to guess a private password, but as an administrator you can reset or change passwords. If you want to change this password, you have to go to the menu on the left inside of the platform and follow the path below:
[Services Set-up > pack:hosting> rmail > mailboxes> change password]

b) Change Abcore Cadí login password: If you want to change this password, you can go to the personal menu on the left side of the platform and follow the path below:
[Personal information > Change password ]


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Gordon Menzies,
on 25/04/2016
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