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How to add multimedia content to your NGO's posts on social media?

Enrique San Juan, a strategic consultant, is here to give us some key tips on how non-profit organisations can really get the most out of their social media accounts.

Images have become one of the key features which make content published on the internet attractive. More and more commonly, and on social media in particular, good photographs, videos or infographics extend your reach and increase public interaction with your organisation because they allow what you are sharing to have a bigger impact on your target audience. Enrique San Juan is a social media expert and he has inspired us to write this article to share some key advice on how to get the most out of your social media accounts.

1. Always supplement your text with an image

It is vital that organisations make it common practice to include a photograph with each piece of content that they publish. Since Twitter made it possible to publish images, for example, more and more users are realising the potential that they have.

2. Use videos

Videos can increase public interaction with your organisation because of the movement that they bring to the screen. When we scroll down our Facebook pages and see a video, our reptilian instinct makes us automatically stop to look at whatever it is that is moving. Videos grab our attention, and by being creative you can maximise the benefits of using them.

3. Use icons

When you publish a post or send a tweet, you can gamify the content by adding icons to it. 'Gamification' is the trend of taking game-design elements and using them for other purposes such as marketing, and icons can make your content more fun and prevent it from becoming corporately dreary. You can now also insert animated emojis in photographs on Twitter.

4. Explore new social networks

Have you thought about where your target market is? Who is your target market? Are they children or teenagers? Are they young people or adults? When you are considering where you would find the most people who would interact with your organisation, you have to think about which social networks are most suited to what they want to do. Teenagers mainly use Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, and have forgotten a bit about Facebook. Younger people also often follow the most famous YouTubers on the internet. Exploring new ways of communicating can have positive results.

5. Use hashtags to start conversations

If you can make good use of the most widely-used hashtags on top of following our other recommendations, your organisation can show up in the places where people are discussing the topics which are of most interest to you. Good social media management involves knowing which hashtags have the most impact on your organisation's mission and using them to network. 



Rubén Escobar
Translation by Alicia Días
on 15/07/2016
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