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How can NGOs get the most out of Pokémon Go?

The unbridled frenzy for the augmented reality game from Niantic has also opened up a new world of opportunities for non-profit organisations.

The craze for the mobile app, Pokémon Go, has invaded all sectors of society on a global level. However, one of the areas where opportunities to benefit from the impact of the augmented reality game are overlooked, is in the third and fourth sectors. Non-profit organisations have different options for using this game to their advantage, since they can reach an audience very easily and directly.

1. Download the app and look around you

If you download the app, you can see what creatures are nearby. This can help circulate a specific message. If, for example, you are a museum, and you want to attract visitors to see exhibitions, it may be a good idea to announce that there will be some Pokémon inside the museum, which you will have spotted previously. Thus, more people may visit the museum. However, it should be taken into consideration that Pokémon change their geographical location depending on the day, so their appearance may change, and they may not always be in the same place.

2. Use it for your events, such as conferences, congresses, seminars...

If your NGO organises a children’s or youth-related event, a ‘Call to Action’ can be made announcing that in the congress, conference, etc., there will be some Pokémon. This way, the number of registrations may increase. It should be taken into account that there are Pokémon everywhere all the time, especially in cities.

3. Make sure that the way Pokémon Go is used is in keeping with your NGO’s mission

This may be a good incentive in the area of the protection of animal rights. In fact, the Muncie Animal Shelter has developed an original campaign where everyone is invited to find unusual Pokémon whilst walking some of the pets being cared for through the streets.

4. Ask for your location to be made a PokéStop or a Gym

You can ask for your location to be made a PokéStop or Gym so that it appears on the app. This way, game players can know who you are, what you are doing, and it may attract members, volunteers, or donors.

5. Play with communication through the social networks

Many NGOs are drawing on the success of Pokémon Go by designing original messages on their social networks. For example, if there is a Pokémon in your office, you can take a “selfie” with it, and through Facebook, Twitter, and your social networks, you can invite your followers to discover what creatures they can find as well.


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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Nail Ahcarr
on 12/08/2016
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