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Twitter becomes more flexible with its 140 character limit

From now on, the social network will not deduct characters when you mention someone, share a poll or upload an image.

Twitter has come true the wishes from the most active users of the social network crying out for a new and expected change. From yesterday afternoon, the social network has activated its new tweet policy in which it allows longer messages to be sent as it ignores photos, GIFs, polls and mentions in its 140 character limit. This means that when, for example, you upload an image to Twitter, no characters will be deducted from the total available and you will be able to write more text.

However, characters from links will continue to be counted. Twitter is an ideal social network for non-profit organisations and NGOs, as what this platform specifically achieves is creating connections and virtual communities in a sector which is characterised precisely by collaboration and group work. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users to keep up to date with the most recent news and has a high concentration of influencers who can give visibility to and broadcast your organisation's activities.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Alisson Villca, Anna Dixon
on 23/09/2016
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