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The generation of donors: from matures to Generation Z

A computer graphic posted on Classy shows the key differences in the characteristics of donors to non-profit organisations, based on their age.

Different generations of donors tend to have different motivations, interests and preferences when making a donation. In a computer graphic posted on Classy, the first online and mobile crowfunding platform, five different generations are analysed: the matures (born before 1945), Generation Baby Boom (1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 – 1976), the Millenials (1977 – 1995) and Generation Z (1996 and later).

Non-profit organisations need to understand the interests of their donors in order to build a fundraising strategy. In this context, we discovered some demographic data, based on age, which demonstrate some key features of the previously mentioned generations.   

To which causes do they prefer to donate?
  • The matures: humanitarian emergencies, the Arts, elections and campaigns.
  • Generation Baby Boom: are the first to respond to organisations. 
  • Generation X: health, animal rights, environmental protection. 
  • The Millenials: human rights and development cooperation, children, victims of abuse and crime.
  • Generation Z: does not have a preferred cause.
How do the percentages break down?
  • The matures: 26% of the total.
  • Generation Baby Boom: 43% of the total.
  • Generation X: 20% of the total.
  • The millenials: 11% of the total.
  • Generation Z: has not yet started to donate.
If you want to explore other features in more depth, you can find the complete infographic on the following link.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Veronica Diaz, Alexandra Skinner
on 15/12/2016
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