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Universe: a platform for event organisation management

The tool allows you to create an event page, sell tickets, monitor payments and measure results through analytics.

​Universe is an online platform that can help your NGO in organising events. The tool’s mission is simple: use the Internet to bring people together in one place, thanks to an organised event. Founded in Toronto in 2011, the platform has grown in such a way that it now boasts 32,000 event organisers and has a collaborative culture.

Among the variety of options the platform offers, the user can:
  • Sell tickets to any part of the world
  • Sell tickets on the organisation’s website
  • Create a landing page for the event
  • Manage ticket sales through the app
  • Manage fans through social networks
  • Carry out reports and analytics on the success of campaigns
  • Follow users’ activity related to the event
  • Offer multiple payment plans
Events can be sorted into various categories, such as social, music, technology, comedy, art, sport, fashion, catering and cinema. On the Universe website, events can be filtered according to whether they are free of charge, by price and by popularity. Additionally, the platform offers special service fees for events by non-profit organisations. For further information about the advantages of this tool, click here.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Carla Baudino
on 03/03/2017
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