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What is Facebook Ads, and how can NGOs take advantage of it?

The social network Facebook allows its users to invest in publicity and to promote posts, events and other types of content so as to reach a segmented audience. 

The publicity tool Facebook Ads constitutes a great advantage for both NGOs and third sector actors, as it allows them to invest in publicity tailored to reach a highly segmented audience. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network collects user data which organisations can leverage to promote their content. Furthermore, if you want your page to gain more “likes” or more views quickly, the Facebook Ads option allows you to increase traffic for a relatively low price (which can always be changed) and to watch the campaign’s evolution while it is active.

Facebook allows you to create the following types of campaigns:
  • To promote posts
  • To promote your page
  • To attract people to your website
  • To increase website conversions
  • To increase app downloads
  • To increase app interactions+
  • To reach people who are looking for you
  • To increase event participation
  • To increase requests for your product or service
  • To increase your video’s replay count
Non-profit organisations can take advantage of all these options for different reasons, for example: to spread their latest campaign video; to encourage users to donate and to provide their support during fundraising campaigns; or to publicise an event so as to increase the number of participants.

In each campaign you will be able to choose a single objective, so that all advertisement in that campaign will have the same goal. The most entertaining and creative part of the process is configuring the ads: trying out texts, changing images, varying the segmentation rules, and filtering for different behaviours and interests to help you improve your results.

For more information on how your NGO can take advantage of Facebook Ads, you can click here and request an assessment grant.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Giulia Donati
on 21/07/2017
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