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Instant payments for charitable initiatives

The Verse application allows making payments and appeals to donors in the time it takes to send an SMS. Some NGOs and non-profits are already using it.

Make a donation as if you were sending an SMS. That is the ultimate aim of the Verse App, a new application which lets you make quick payments and without any fees. In line with this, Verse has collaborated with charitable initiatives and aims to promote the use of the application in non-profit organisations. For example, all proceeds from the launch party of Verse Events were donated to the CEAR organisation, which protects the rights of refugees and leads social awareness campaigns.

Verse is free to download, and simple to use. The first step is creating an account - register with your mobile number and link the account with your credit card in order to send money to any of your contacts. After that, you can send or request money by simply entering the recipient's mobile number. The accumulated balance on Verse can be transferred directly to their bank account. Additionally, Verse donates €5 for each new user that registers on the application and makes their first donation.

Along with online donations, the app can also be used to create events and split expenses. Organisations like the Turkana Eye ProjectNeed Ü and the Pedriatic Cancer Center project have already used the platform to promote their activities. For more information about what they do, check the Verse blog


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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Seb Foster
on 19/10/2017
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