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Organizing work and facilitating management for a motivated and efficient team is possible

The new course begins and from we want to share the experience we have in the SCRUM method, which with Trello software allows us to organize and make our team work more agile and efficient.

SCRUM is a management model that gives autonomy to team members, facilitates communication and sharing of project status between all parties. Planning is relatively little detailed, it only sets goals and dedicated volume of resources. From here the delivery schedule is periodic and transparent.

At we apply this SCRUM methodology using Trello's project management software with web interface, available for iOS and Android. An easy-to-use tool that can be adapted to the needs of any organization where team work is clue. The 109 Scrums that carried on show us that the system works.

Trello works like a virtual board with which all the members of the team have a global vision of the work that is being developed and on the other hand we can focus on those tasks in which we are involved and avoid an overload of information that only stresses and does not help to advance.

The use of this computer software - or some other, since you can found several at the Internet- is complemented by a system of meetings that allow us to express ourselves and assume our responsibilities. Every day there is a daily Scrum (Daily Stand-up) that should not last more than a quarter of an hour and in which everyone explains what he or she has done, what is doing and if he or she has any impediment to perform the tasks that are pending.

Every 15 days or with the established regularity (called Sprint) there is a meeting of the whole team consisting of four sections: first, every member of the team expresses how he or she feels - on a personal or labour level-; the next round of interventions is to explain the work done in the last 15 days (Sprint Review); then, the work she or he has ahead in the next 15 days (Sprint Planning) and finally, what everyone considers they can do to improve (Sprint Retrospective), either individually or as a team.

With these meetings, the people who are part of the team feel like we are: people who take part in a project to make the world a little better. It is true that trust and transparency are two key elements of this methodology, with which a true collaborative effort is achieved. This video explains the Scrum methodology briefly and clearly.

Gràfic del funcionament de la metodologia Scrum
Photo: Dr ian mitchell, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

Trello software has several applicabilities that organizations can use., for example, we have implemented improvements on the Abcore Cadí platform, such as the redirection of the emails sent to to the panel as a new task card. The goal is always to simplify processes and improve the results.

In the reopening after the good holiday period, we wish you a great job and, above all, very little stress!

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