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What use of technology do NGOs worldwide make?

From we want to share the last report of 2018 that the Nonprofit Tech for Good organization publishes annually for 4 years.

This is the result of a survey voluntarily filled by thousands of social entities around the world and provides a global view of the use that the Third Sector makes of technologies. In this link you can consult the full report.

In 2018, 5,352 NGOs from 654 countries distributed in 6 continents conducted the survey. According to the results obtained, web and email communications have become the most powerful online communication tools that NGOs have.

Currently, 92% of NGOs have a website. Of this percentage, 87% are compatible with mobile media.

· Online fundraising

72% of NGOs accept donations on their web portal and 33% use a personal online fundraising service.

· Social networks

Today, 93% of the world's NGOs have a Facebook page, 77% on Twitter, 56% on LinkedIn and 50% on Instagram. 71% of NGOs agree that social networks are effective for raising funds online and 25% of donors say that social networks are the communication tool that inspires them the most to give.

· Mobile technology

Today, the main mobile applications in the world are social networks and messaging applications, specifically, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Although today only 18% of NGOs use messaging applications to communicate with donors and collaborators.

· Data management and Security

Today, 45% of NGOs use a CRM to track donations and manage communications with donors and collaborators. Of this percentage, 64% use a CRM based on the cloud.

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